Computer Science

The coursework for Computer Science is divided into two semesters. 

The Fall semester includes: 

  • an overview of computers and programming
  • problem solving and algorithm development
  • simple data types
  • arithmetic and logic operators
  • selection structures
  • text files
  • arrays (one-and-two dimensional)
  • procedural abstraction and software design
  • modular programming (including subprograms or the equivalent)

The Spring semester includes:

  • an introduction to computer programming
  • logic
  • design and implementation

Topics include software design, documentation, coding methods, data types, data structure, functions, subroutines and program control structures.

The courses available in the Computer Science pathway include:

  • DE Computer Science Principles
  • DE Programming Apps

Students will receive a total of 6 college credit hours for: 

  • Computer Science I
  • Application Development

Classes are taught at the R. Wayne Lowe Synergy Innovation Center. Transportation is provided. Classes are offered 3rd and 4th periods and counts as 4th Science for graduation credit. Students have the opportunity to pursue a RAFB Software Engineering internship. 

Students are dually enrolled with Middle Georgia State University. Enrollment requirements include: 

  • Completed Application
  • GPA: 3.0

For more information about this program, please see your counselor.

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