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Career Pathways


Education and Training Career Cluster

Examining the Profession
Contemporary Issues in Education
Teacher as a Professional Practicum
Teaching WBL Internship

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Career Cluster

Electronic Pathway
Foundations of Electronics
Advanced AD and DC Circuits
Digital Electronics

Engineering Pathway
Foundation of Engineering and Technology
Engineering Concepts
Engineering Applications
Robotics and Automated Systems

Health Science Career Cluster

Introduction to Healthcare Science
Essentials of Healthcare
Sports Medicine
Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology
Patient Care
Emergency Medical Responder (CGTC/MOWR)


Hospitality and Tourism Career Cluster

Introduction to Culinary Arts (can be dual enrollment with CGTC)
Culinary Arts I, II, III


Architecture and Construction Career Cluster

Fine Furnitute Making/Cabinetmaking Pathway
Fine Furniture Making I, II, III
Carpentry (CGTC, MOWR)